How to catch a salmon in a river of shit

“Is the humble email dead?” was the question I put to our content performance director, Neil, last week. “Of course it bloody isn’t, ya idiot,” he…

Killed by the buzz: Why we’re losing words to the buzz effect (and what to do about it)

Here’s a question for you: What do buzzwords and That One Guy You Hate™ have in common? You guessed it. They both sneak into every conversation and…

7 books for B2B writers, editors and readers

I love books about writing. Here are seven terrific books for people who want to improve their writing (and reading).

10. 01. 2023

How to write FAQs – an FAQ for B2B

We’re big believers in the power of a great FAQ section on a B2B website . Here’s an FAQ about why.

10 (or so) principles of writing at Velocity

We’re in the lucky position where the Velocity writing team is growing like crazy – we’ve made three new hires over the last couple of weeks…

40 reasons good people make crap content

Why do so many smart, talented people still make so much crap content? Here are 40 reasons. We’ve all done them. But still…

08. 02. 2018

Why Pepsi’s Jennergate flopped and Heineken’s ‘Worlds Apart’ soared

Two ads just went viral: Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner fiasco and Heineken’s ‘World’s Apart’ experiment. One flopped. One soared. But are they really so different?

05. 05. 2017

6 examples of insane honesty in content marketing

6 (or more) great examples of the power of Insane Honesty in marketing: the art of putting your worst foot forward.

01. 03. 2017

Managing expectations in content marketing: a pretty good guide

Managing your audience’s expectations is the second most important factor in content marketing success. Or is that over-promise?

03. 02. 2017

The B2B writer’s #1 imperative: honor your audience.

I have mixed feelings when people refer to ‘the Velocity voice’. I love that we have a distinctive, even recognisable way of writing and that…

21. 11. 2016

Why every writer should try B2B copywriting

When people ask about our professions, for some reason we not only tend to answer but answer truthfully. If you’re a writer, these encounters can feel a…

19. 10. 2016

The 15 B2B copywriters I don’t want to be

Great B2B copywriters are really hard to find. And inside every one, there are 15 hacks. We out them in this post.

01. 07. 2016