Why Hemingway was a man, not an app

Apps might fix your sentences, but they won’t fix your writing.

17. 02. 2014

B2B Content Marketing agency spreads the love

We’ve been out there sprinkling little seedlings of content marketing wisdom around the web. Now they’re back.

03. 07. 2013

The Big Marketing Blog Popularity Study: 22 comparisons from, Hubspot’s blog and the SEOMoz blog

Which digital marketing content gets loved, and what does that tell us about the content

23. 05. 2013

6 ways to turn comments into content

How to turn blog comments into great content for your content marketing programs. A simple tip but a powerful one.

14. 03. 2013

Diary of a Content Pimp 5 – Content analytics and the power of the series

A statistical study of the performance of our blog posts in series (like this one) versus stand-alone posts…

22. 08. 2012

B2B Content Marketing Models I: The weekly/monthly content roundup

Take time to prowl your market for great online content, and share the best of the best with your audiences.

27. 06. 2012

Guest blogging in B2B content marketing (with some examples)

Guest blogging is a great way to extend your reach, get discovered by new people and earn some valuable backlnks. Here are a few guest posts we’ve done…

23. 03. 2012

The Unbearable Anxiety of Business Blogging

Blogging is an anxiety-inducing business. Business blogging even more so.

18. 11. 2011

The Hackgate technique: Giftwrap that content!

Categorizing and packaging content smartly around topics of vital interest to your business or industry pays back i

04. 10. 2011

B2B blogging for beginners

Let’s face it: these days, if you don’t have a blog on your website you’re admitting that you have nothing to say about your market, your…

14. 09. 2009

Ghost in the machine: who should write your blog?

There’s a debate in the blogosphere about whether it’s right for a blog to be ghost-written, particularly one adver

27. 08. 2009

B2B Bloggers and Influence: Part I

The issue of bloggers and influence divides B2B opinion. Do you think they’re anti-social ranters or a genuine community of influence? Find out our…

08. 05. 2009