B2B web development and digital

Having digital chops is one thing. Having digital chops that understand the worlds of B2B demand generation and marketing technology is another.

At Velocity, we don’t just code beautiful sites and digital experiences. We bring together creative, strategy, content, code, data and marketing operations to optimize your site for the kind of marketing you do and the audiences you serve.

In short, digital is never an isolated thing. It’s part of a bigger, smarter, more measurable marketing performance play.

Hit the ‘Show me’ button if you fancy getting right to the eye candy. Otherwise, strap in, sit back, and get your geek on.

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Six guiding principles

1. Design and dev belong together

There’s a huge gap between the static image of a web design and its finished, user-ready version. We tighten that gap as much as possible by keeping our design and development teams side-by-side from start to finish. That way, nuances of design and UX don’t go unnoticed or misunderstood, templates remain true to concept, and ideas that were crafted with end users in mind get translated to digital without a hitch. All of that, plus thorough testing throughout the process, means we end up with a nice balance between the journeys your users want to take, and the journey’s you’d like them to take.

2. Treat processes like you treat code

To get a kickass digital project off the ground, people and processes need to be aligned and connected. We use modern platforms with APIs that let us hook different types of software, data and events together – unlike other agencies who typically leave their software stuck in silos. It’s a front-to-back-end approach that means our projects seamlessly integrate processes, people and platforms.

3. A marketer-friendly CMS means a user-friendly site

Google rewards fresh, dynamic content because it earns higher engagement and more return visits. The secret to dynamic content? An easily updatable, ‘marketer-friendly’ CMS. It’s why we begin all digital projects by assessing exactly what you’ll need your content to do, how things will need to scale, and which areas of your business need connecting. Armed with that, we design and build a CMS that makes it really, really easy to publish highly dynamic digital content – one that’s as pleasant to use as the experiences it offers your customers.

A CMS built from the get-go around the marketer also helps us prepare for things like site expansion. So we can plug different types of content into multiple environments seamlessly – without the need to backtrack or prep systems to receive that content. That means you can be more ambitious with your sites – building out your key pages iteratively to make them work harder as you learn. It also means we can tackle mini projects with more speed, efficiency and at less cost because we optimized the CMS from the start.

4. Pre-prepping for metrics makes all the difference

Insight is everything if you want to maximize the performance and profitability of your sites and digital content. But before insight comes data collection – and that’s critical to get right. We work with a bunch of leading analytics and automation platforms like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and Marketo to build customized strategies that capture clean, valuable data before you need to report on it. That helps us better understand your current infrastructure, see how it handles things like content performance and user behaviour, and make solid recommendations on KPIs and optimisations.

5. Performance can never stand still

The technologies and techniques for optimizing mobile and desktop performance are rapidly evolving. We’re dialled into the updates, including offline-first trends and techniques. That way we can leverage advanced and progressive methods that give our builds edge, both in terms of Google rankings, and improved user experiences, even on slower connections.

6. Consider hosting, deployment and migration early and often

Once digital content is built, it needs to live somewhere. So there needs to be a smart, intuitive process in place for uploading that content to a host. We automate this wherever possible, including error checking on upload. The process is painless, fast and thorough. The right tools and process means we eliminate the possibility of deploying faulty code that could crash sites.

We also like to keep a ‘staging’ environment – where new changes and updates can be thoroughly road tested by both our team and yours, to catch any issues before they’re released to a live site.

WordPress vs. Drupla vs. Joomla

… vs. ExpressionEngine vs. Ubraco…

Okay, here’s the deal with CMSs. Some are more secure than others. Some are better at analytics. Some have a better user-experience.

But if you’re working with a good dev team, you won’t be getting an out-the-box system. Because that development team will customise it, add plugins, and make new tools and rules that create a much more powerful system.

Basically, you’ll get a CMS that works for you, whatever CMS you pick.

That said, we do have a favourite. And it’s WordPress. Here’s why:

WordPress has the largest developer base of any CMS platform—with the community and support forums to go with it (as well as making it easier to hire experienced devs)
It’s the most thoroughly tried-and-tested system—having that many users means bugs are found (and fixed) at super-speed
It boasts a huge number of plugins (55,803 at last count) giving more options and tools than anywhere else
It’s really easy to use

If you’re not a fan of WordPress, that’s okay. We’ll bring the same skills we bring to WordPress to a whole bunch of other CMSs. Try us with your favourite.

Beyond websites: digital content formats

Websites are only one part of the wild word of digital content. We also love creating:

  • Strings – our own digital content format
  • Scrolling sites
  • Interactive tools
  • Long pages
  • Quizzes
  • Websites
  • HTML5 banners
  • Calculators
  • Microsites
  • Email Templates
  • Interactive glossaries
  • Graders and surveys
  • Interactive webpages

And we also help with stuff like:

  • Web analytics services
  • Website audits
  • Website maintenance and support (including hosting consultation)
  • Lots of other things we put under the banner ‘Content Performance’

Our languages and skills

  • HTML5, Javascript + jQuery, CSS3
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap
  • APIs
  • Debugging / testing for cross compatibility
  • GIT
  • AJAX
  • Creative Suite – Adobe etc, Sketch, inVision
  • UX / UI skills & understanding
  • MySql
  • D3 / Canvas / Data Visualization libraries
  • NODE
  • JS Task runners (Gulp / Grunt)
  • Composer
  • React
  • HTML emails
  • Marketo
  • Oh, and English. Our team is great at explaining options and implications to non-techies.

Work we’re proud of

Words can only say so much. Here’s some examples of our best work: