Velocity launches new Internet marketing portfolio

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Stan Woods

13. 03. 2009 | 2 min read

Velocity launches new Internet marketing portfolio

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B2B marketing agency ramps up digital marketing offer

Velocity, the B2B agency specialising in technology markets, has launched a new portfolio of Internet Marketing services.

According to Stan Woods, Velocity’s managing director, “Our new set of Internet marketing services transform your web strategy and online performance from a passive, broadcast model to a dynamic, fully-engaged process that proves its own value as it goes.”

The new services are:

B2B Web Lead Generation Insight – analysis to establish search engine and keyword performance and establishing the quality of a company’s online presence and reputation

B2B Web Start – a fast-track website design and build process with integrated SEO

B2B Lead Generation Content Factory – content campaigns that drive traffic and response

Digital Engagement and B2B Lead Generation Tactics – from micro-sites and traffic generation to pay-per-click, SEO, eNewsletters and banner ad campaigns

Lead Nurturing and Scoring  – automated campaigns that treat prospects differently based on their demographics and behaviours – then tracks each prospect as they progress through the sales funnel

Online PR – the creation of Online PR and Social Media buzz when and where its needed most (Twitter, blogger engagement, social networking sites, social sharing and bookmarking, plus a huge Google back-linkage ‘halo’ effect

B2B Lead Generation Analytics & Reporting – clear, compelling reports on the performance of any campaign or your ongoing web presence, over time

B2B Web Training – equipping clients to do their web marketing themselves

For further information, contact Stan Woods at [email protected] or on +44 208 940 4099

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