Velocity And Sprint win content marketing launch of the year

This isn't us winning the CM Award, it's Tracey Nunes winning something called the Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Awards. But you get the idea.

We were never big award-enterers.

We told ourselves it was because ‘We’re all about the actual results in the market, baby’.

But in truth it was probably a combination of laziness, busy-ness and a deep sense of discomfort with the ‘me, me, me-ness’ of it all.

But we got this new bookshelf in the big conference room and it’s awfully empty-looking.

Digital Dave wanted a death metal action figure (Immolation? Dissection? Cannibal Corpse? – all real).

Hannah wanted a Slint poster (don’t ask – and really don’t click).

But Natasha insisted on some award trophies. Not just one but several.

So George and Jess entered a few… and voila!

We (and Sprint) won Launch Of the Year at the Content Marketing Institute’s CM Awards.

For our work with Sprint Business – including branding, positioning, the website, content marketing, advertising and helping with lead nurturing programs.

That picture at the top is not us or the Content Marketing Institute. It’s someone called Trevor Nunes winning something called the Specialty Equipment Manufactuers Award – but you get the idea.

Here’s a really low-res logo of the CM Awards so you can… see… what their logo looks like:

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 12.13.51

That winning entry also got picked from 1200 entries to be bumped into the Project of the Year award. So, who knows – we might win that too. You never know.

And was certainly a big part of us getting shortlisted for  Small Agency of the Year, too. To be announced at Content Marketing World later this week.

Meanwhile, we also got shortlisted for Agency of the Year by B2B Marketing here in the UK.

Velocity shortlisted for Agency of the Year

So, hey!

We’re award-enterers now!


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