The Velocity B2B Marketing Tube Map

The B2B Journey Planner
The B2B Journey Planner

We’ve always loved Harry Beck’s legendary design for the London Underground Tube Map, so thought we’d do our own version mapping out the B2B marketing landscape. Kind of makes sense if you give it some time. The junctions were the trickiest bits…

Hats off to Simon Patterson, whose brilliant ‘Great Bear’ piece inspired this.

Check out the definitive boook on Harry Beck’s map, by Ken Garland.

And there’s a great History of London Tube Maps here.


What a creative, fun and useful visual! I particularly like the stop for ‘pray’ 🙂 Great work!

Very Nice! Every tube map I have seen has a central station, something to fall back on. If you launch too many with out a content strategy you are going to need a hope and a prayer stop.

Indeed very interesting way of presenting B2B marketing. However, I need some help in reading it properly. There are central stations like Content Marketing, PR, Search, which makes sense. Then there are trains that connect stations, e.g. blue train (connecting Analyst, Media Relations, PR, YouTube, Email, etc.) which is also beautifully done. But how to read the sub-urban stations like Spam, Prayer, etc. Does this map imply that Flash Demos, Brouchers and Case Studies are as less likely to work as Spam and Prayer?

Good points — in our experience, case studies work best when combined with prayer into an integrated campaign. Spam is next to prayer because their both faith-based.

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