The Awesomest Design Team in B2B Land (and maybe anywhere else)

We in Velocity take great pride in our design chops, and in each of our designer’s chops. This is why.

Design’s finally taking a front seat in the business world. It took an Apple to do it, but we’re there.

Everywhere design’s done well it adds jaw-dropping value. And every time a great designer is briefed well (and you get the hell out of his/her way), you’ll be pleasantly surprised a short while later.

As an account director here at Velocity, it’s a neverending gift to be able to hand projects to the design team. Why? Because I know I’ll be able to put an ear-to-ear grin on our clients’ faces some hours or days later. People get physically excited about their brand or projects – seen it happen time and time again.

So, hat’s off to the design team this Friday. Take a bow, Jim Harrison, Luke Donaghey, Joel Avery, Melanie Bartheidel and Dom Whooley.

And here’s a small selection of their recent work to give you an idea why we love them so.

(Note: Please don’t blow these up full-screen – it won’t be a pleasant user experience. These are quick screen grabs for the purpose of a paean. Not for print. And, if the designers themselves saw me sharing their work low-res, they’d smack my head one by one. They’re that devoted to quality. Hope you can enjoy these anyway. If you want to see the work in a proper light, go here.)


Bravo! I’m constantly surprised by the ideas coming out of this motley crew…

Not tricky to see how Doug continually gets the ‘nicest person in B2B land’ award.
Very good – your reputation’s well deserved.

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