New mobile marketing eBook for small businesses

Velocity Partners, the B2B agency specialising in technology marketing, announced the publication of a new eBook available on

The free eBook is called, “Marketing your small business on the mobile Web: the guide to low-cost, high-impact mobile marketing” and is available to all mobile marketers on the website.

“The major brands are getting into the mobile Web in a big way,” says Doug Kessler, creative director of Velocity, “But there’s a lot of untapped potential for smaller businesses using the mobile Web, too. This eBook is a primer for small businesses interested in learning more about the mobile Web to see if it might help them attract new customers or serve existing ones.”

Sections include:

  • What is the mobile Web?
  • How people use it
  • How your business can use the mobile Web today
  • How to make your first mobile Web site
  • Ten tips for great mobile sites
  • Promoting your mobile Web site
  • Choosing the right domain name

The eBook is the latest in a series of free resources for mobile marketers from, the web resource presented by dotMobi, the registry for the .mobi domain name.

It also outlines the benefits of Instant Mobilizer™, a new tool for automatically turning a simple .com Web site into a .mobi mobile Web site. The tool is available from a range of .mobi registrars and is free when users buy a .mobi domain name.




Instant Mobilizer


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