Mapping content to the B2B buying stage

A lot of B2B marketers are talking about mapping content to the different stages of the buyer’s purchase journey. But not a lot talk about how to do it.

So Bob Apollo of Inflexion Point and I did a workshop on the topic at the recent DemandCon event in London.

I start out with a discussion of two of the core metaphors of B2B marketing and how they can distort the way we think. Bob then takes you through the different buying stages, summarising the changing needs of the buyer. And I then share some examples, before Bob sums up.

Here it is (you have to register with Bright Talk if you aren’t already registered, but it’s worth it — not just for this content but for other good stuff, too).


Quite a bit of interesting material in this presentation, Doug. Thanks for sharing! I was especially interested in what you had to say around the 28-minute mark about mining previous conference sessions for key points to publish on webpages or in documents. Could you point to some examples where you did this? Thanks, Harry

Thanks Harry.

These ‘Dreamforce Takeaways’ on the Salesforce Social Success site are examples of turning a conference session into discoverable text content.

Each of these has the video/slide show embedded but also has a summary of the session, with key take-aways – and a pdf to download as well.

Good stuff. Thanks, Doug.

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