Don’t get lost on the mobile Web: a mobile marketing e-Book

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26. 03. 2009 | 2 min read

Don’t get lost on the mobile Web: a mobile marketing e-Book

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We just completed a new e-Book for our client dotMobi on mobile content discovery. Called ‘Don’t get lost on the mobile Web’, you can find it at, the online resource for mobile marketers.  (Velocity developed this mobile marketing web resource in 2008 for dotMobi and has been populating it with content ever since.)

Don’t Get Lost on the Mobile Web: a new mobile marketing e-Book

The new e-Book discusses why, on the mobile web (as opposed to the desktop web we’re all familiar with), many users still do not know how to find the content they want and what brand marketers can do about it.

Poor content discoverability afflicts the 83 per cent of marketers who (according to industry analyst Forrester) want to exploit the range and reach of the mobile web. These guys know that getting your mobile content discovery strategy right can pay huge dividends:

• Consumer researcher Nielsen Mobile says that attracting mobile Web traffic extends the audience reach
of online sites by an average of 13%
• Advertising research house Dynamic Logic says mobile promotion significantly increases brand awareness, favorability, and purchase intent
comScore, the marketing research firm, states that on average, mobile display campaigns get a higher
click through rate than online, averaging 2-3 per cent for mobile versus 0.25–1% online

The e-Book shows shows that mobile content discovery is a function of three linked factors. The first two are about marketing ‘pull’; the third is all about marketing ‘push’:
• The ability for the user to guess your Web site name
• The ability for the user to find your Web site using their favorite search engine
• The means the site owner uses to promote its content to interested users – such as display advertising, shortcodes, SMS, and others.

To remind you, dotMobi is the top level domain for the mobile web and its mission is to accelerate the mobile web and promote best-practice mobile sites. Google, Nokia, Micorosoft and 11 other industry giants are their shareholders. You can find our more about them here.

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