Digital Velocity in eight tweets: accelerate your online engagement

B2B marketing has become almost synonymous with digital marketing.   If you’re not getting your story out on the web, you’re probably not getting your story out at all.  Now, as social media beds down and Twitter takes off, we thought it would be a good time to summarise all the things we do to help our clients engage with their audiences online.

We go into it in more depth here, but if you’re in a bit of a rush, here’s the Digital Velocity offer in 8 tweets of no more than 140 characters:

Tweet 1
B2B Web Lead Generation Insight

Where we map your place in the web universe. Your keyword footprint, SEO power & social media presence.

Tweet 2
B2B Web Start

Fast track web design and build, from personas and wireframes through design, content & CMS implementation.

Tweet 3
B2B Content Factory

Core content to drive traffic and incite response; papers, eBooks, videos, webinars – content that moves markets.

Tweet 4
Digital Engagement and B2B Demand Generation
Campaigns to drive downloads, visits and sign-ups – PPC, search arbitrage, outbound, social…

Tweet 5
B2B Lead Nurturing and Scoring
Automated campaigns that score leads by behaviour and demographics; feed hungry sales beast

Tweet 6
B2B Online PR
Buzz campaigns that harness the power of social media, engage key bloggers and create backlink storms.

Tweet 7
Analytics & Reporting
A powerful toolset to show how you’re doing, campaign-by-campaign, hour-by-hour.

Tweet 8
B2B Web Training
Bring the expertise in-house. We’ll show you how to work the web, create campaigns and nurture leads.

Again, you can drill down into each of these right here, but that’s not a bad start: eight tweets worth of Digital Velocity.  To put it to work, all you have to do is click.


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