B2B Marketing agency Velocity publishes “B2B Marketing Manifesto”

Velocity, the B2B marketing agency, has produced a new eBook for marketers called the B2B Marketing Manifesto, available for download from the Velocitypartners.co.uk website.

The B2B Marketing Manifesto tackles the choice facing B2B marketers today: either step up to the challenge of marketing in a digital world, or continue using the internet for digital brochureware and serving the sales team with collateral support.

The role of B2B marketing within companies has changed and a new marketing mindset is needed to make the most of the new opportunities. The eBook outlines the five imperatives every B2B marketer needs to have sorted before going any further:

Get a world view

Expose your beliefs

Get some chops – and use them

Start thinking and generate relevant ideas

Think beyond digital

Once you’ve got these things, you need to get really good at content marketing, analytics, testing, lead nurturing, search and community. While keeping an eye on mobile. Easy.

Doug Kessler, Velocity’s Creative Director said, “The Manifesto is a bit of a rant and a call to arms for B2B marketers. This is the most exciting time in history to be a B2B marketer – but it’s just too easy to coast along doing what we’ve always done. The Manifesto is meant to rattle some cages.”

About Velocity

Velocity is the B2B marketing agency for technology companies.

Website: www.velocitypartners.com

Blog: www.velocitypartners.com/blog

Twitter: velocitytweets

Contact: Neil@velocitypartners.com


Are thre really no comments on your Manifesto from its publication date or have you deleted them?

As a start-up solopreneur, I found the information a tad overhwhelming. But I will take it one bite at a time.

Thanks for creating the Manifesto.
Thanks for making it free.

    Thanks Lynn — actually we got lots and lots of comments — but they’re on the landing page as opposed to the ‘Thanks for signing up’ page. Not great UI…

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