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28. 05. 2013 | 3 min read

We’re looking for a writer

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B2B content copywriter

Content marketing sucks if the writing sucks and soars if the writing is great.

That’s why writers are at the very heart of our business — and why we’re always looking for great ones.

To us, a great writer is one who:

Has a voice – a strong, confident voice; kind of like a human
 Comes up with ideas – not just nice sentences
Can sniff out a story – in even the gnarliest clump of info-drek
Actively elicits a brief – does the research and recommends what ought to be said before trying to say it
 Is curious – about business, technology, marketing, the way the world works… everything
Understands structure – building stories that grab the reader by the hand (or throat) and not letting go until to the end
We use some of the best B2B writers in the business on a freelance or contract basis and we’ll always do that. But now we need a full-timer.

What you’ll be doing

We need a full-time writer to work with our inscrutable creative director, super-smart account folks and insanely talented designers and developers, to make the world’s most compelling:

Long form content – like eBooks, Slideshare stories and long blog posts

Hard-working stuff – like emails and landing pages that make people want to do things

Short, sharp stuff – like banner ads, exhibition stands and email footers

Promotional or sales content – like direct mail pieces, brochures, data sheets and powerpoint decks

Journalistic content – like curated or crowdsourced pieces, case studies and expert interviews

Words for visual media – like short videos, infographics and Prezis

You get the idea.

How much experience have you got?

Right now, we need someone who can hit the ground running. So that probably means 3-23 years of solid writing under your belt.

If you’re less experienced than that, we’d want to see real talent, a passion for learning and evidence of a genuine interest in content marketing (maybe you have a blog or something). We’ll teach you the craft part.

We don’t have a restrictive ‘house stye’ but we love writing that’s simple, human, clear and energetic – with a bit of wit and attitude (without ever straying into ‘cute’ — we hate cute).

We’re a B2B agency with a lot of tech clients so you can’t be scared of technology or tricky markets.

Outside the box?

Chances are, you already call yourself a copywriter. But we’ll happily consider journalists, planners, PR exiles, analysts or engineers who love to write.

The salesy bit

As (digital) content marketing grows up, we’re on an exciting learning curve and really enjoying the ride. We work with some of the best and brightest clients in B2B – in big name brands, hot start-ups and everything in between.

We’re always experimenting, trying new things and finding new ways to stay out in front of the content marketing wave.

We’re professionals who love what we do, so we’re not counting hours or punching time clocks. Work the hours you like; work from home when you need to; hit up the WiFi at the Red Cow or the White Horse for a change of scene.

And we’ve got a nice, open office in Richmond (it’s easier to get to than you think).

Bottom line:

If you’re interested in business, marketing and technology, this is a fantastic place to be.

Get in touch, sending one or two pieces of work.
We’ll let you know if we’d like to see more.

[No recruiters please]


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