All-Star Cast to Discuss “How to Make Content Stand Out”

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31. 01. 2013 | 2 min read

All-Star Cast to Discuss “How to Make Content Stand Out”

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On 13 February, five experts will take part in a Google+ Hangout about content strategy. Tune in.

Content Strategy Hangout announcement

(If you know a talk with five content marketing experts is your thing, just go right ahead and register. We’ll hook you up:

The stage is set.
For most B2B marketers, content marketing’s now front and center.

The stakes are high.
As content production ramps up, getting results will be harder and harder.

The challenge is clear.
“How do you make your content stand out, so you get the attention you need to meet your goals?”

The experts are “in”.
We’ve assembled a content marketing dream team to help you tackle that challenge.
John Watton, Senior Director, Marketing, Silverpop – B2B Marketer of the Year and Top UK Online Marketing Influencer 2013
Michele Linn, Executive Editor, Content Marketing Institute & leading B2B content marketing consultant
Bryony Thomas, Author, Watertight Marketing & Principal, Clear Thought Consulting
Kieran Flanagan, Marketing Director (EMEA), Hubspot, and all-purpose online marketing datafreak
Stan Woods, Managing Director, Velocity Partners and high potentate of killer content marketing strategy
Come 13 February these experts will let it all hang out (if “it” means “their content strategy secrets”) at a Google+ Hangout. Attention all marketers who want their next campaign or program to rise above the content flood: Go here to register for the Hangout –

It’s an hour, from 5 to 6 PM.
It’ll move fast (we’re not called Velocity for nothing).
And we’re taking questions.
See you there, fellow marketing geeks.

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