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The one question your marketing needs to answer in a recession

When markets are uncertain, people don’t want long-term marketing. They need sales *now*. Here are some (quick) ways to adapt to a quick-win market.

03. 11. 2022

Let’s steal from holiday movies

I love Christmas, the month of December and everything ‘festive’. Like an elf made human whose only purpose is to throw glitter on every surface and…

Authority always wins

You don’t want to be known for service. You want to be known for authority.

It isn’t going to be okay.

The best advice I ever got is also the simplest.

A high five for marketing from KCP leadership

Corporate leadership at KCP gives a virtual high-five to digital marketing

08. 11. 2013

I’ll have what she’s having is not a marketing strategy

Copying our peers’ tactics is not the way to success; “I’ll have what she’s having” is best left to lunch decisions

29. 05. 2013

The fickle process of defining success

How can you define success if your starting KPIs aren’t quite right? A personal example of adjusting KPIs

21. 02. 2013

The case for controversial case studies

Looking for insights from contentious sources – can you get best practice tips from a “bad” brand to follow?

13. 11. 2012

LinkedIn for B2B Marketers 4: (finally) Some tips for Marketers

Many people tell marketers what to do with their social media engagements. Now we are going to do it too.

24. 10. 2012

LinkedIn for B2B Marketers 3: Is LinkedIn the best B2B platform?

Is LinkedIn the best social network for B2B opportunities? We pull together a review of what else is out there.

19. 10. 2012

LinkedIn for B2B Marketers 2 – Anatomy of a Company Page

A brief anatomy of a LinkedIn Company Page to establish what components make up a page

10. 10. 2012

LinkedIn for B2B Marketers 1 – How do company page changes affect you?

LinkedIn are changing their Company Pages but for better or worse? We look at the changes and what it means for you

03. 10. 2012