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The SMB marketing problem

“We’re gonna go after SMBs” sounds like a clear strategy. But it masks a whole lot of ambiguity. Here’s why SMB marketing is so hard and how to get it…

25. 08. 2016

On marketing myopia and metrics

Marketing myopia is a classic business challenge. But as content marketers, have we found a satisfactory answer to the big question it raises?

23. 08. 2016

B2B writing: It ain’t just writing

There’s a hell of a lot more to B2B writing than meets the eye.

20. 05. 2016

Hot takes from the 2016 Marketing Technology Landscape

Every year Scott Brinker’s marketing technology landscape supergraphic helps us understanding marketing a little better. Here’s what we thought of 2016’s.

22. 03. 2016

A (sort of) formula for B2B content

Let me start this by saying there is no one formula for B2B content. Nor, I believe, should there be. But beneath the surface of every great piece of…

08. 01. 2016

Why ‘customer centricity’ is a cursed message

I’m getting pretty sick of ‘customer centric’ – the latest buzzword to pollute and distract good marketers.

12. 06. 2015

The problem with positive

They probably taught you to keep your marketing positive. Here’s why positivity is actually a bad thing.

06. 02. 2015

There are two types of creatives. (There. I said it.)

It’s nice to think every creative’s different. But we usually fit into one of these two buckets.

18. 11. 2014

Keep it structured, stupid

Why a lack of structure is the ultimate killer of content quality (and other breaking news)

29. 09. 2014

The Question

The one thing great stories have – and most marketing doesn’t.

30. 07. 2014

How B2B made me reach for a brown paper bag

The steep learning curve of B2B content marketing makes me sick. And I dig it.

28. 07. 2014

Assuming the position

When content fails to make assumptions, it fails to divide an audience. Here’s why that’s bad.

17. 07. 2014