Galvanizing stories

How to roll out a company roll-up

It was strange to read in Bloomberg and the Financial Times that 2023 wasn’t a good year for mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Because personally, we…

Three ‘Why’ questions you need to answer fast and well

Too many B2B marketing teams fail to answer these three questions. You can fix that.

Eight strategic story arcs that shape almost every B2B narrative.

Discover ideas about writing a B2B brand story. Writing a B2B narrative? Here are 8 common B2B story arcs that might help you.

Galvanizing story part 5: Talking the… talk.

I spoke about The Galvanizing Story at last year’s Content Marketing World. It’s kind of the Musical Video Extravaganza version of the first…

Want to be a better marketer? Do nothing.

Why twiddling your thumbs needs to be higher up your to-do list…

The galvanizing story part 4: the emotional core of your brand

The vast majority of B2B brands assume their prospects are rational ‘buy-bots’. They’re not. So you need an emotional core too.

Let’s steal from holiday movies

I love Christmas, the month of December and everything ‘festive’. Like an elf made human whose only purpose is to throw glitter on every surface and…

Let’s steal from The Simpsons

The golden years of The Simpsons entirely re-wrote what a TV show could be. In the latest of our ‘Let’s Steal From’ series, we dig into how they do…

Let’s steal from… Seventeenth Century Explorers

Something weird happened to communications in Early Modern England.

When bad is good: in defense of the negative

There’s a common urge to avoid saying anything negative in marketing. Here’s why that’s a really, really bad impulse to follow.

The hierarchy of benefits in B2B marketing

Your prospects don’t believe your big claims—and they don’t care about your small ones. It’s time to start building some bridges.