Worrying From Home

WFH #9: The Adjective of the Pandemic

What does it say about B2B marketers that we cluster around the same phrases to express this big, hairy thing?

WFH #8: Plan your emergence now

For the last month or so, marketing has been almost 100% reactive. And rightly so. We’ve all been trying to come to terms with this ghastly thing, so…

WFH#7: What we’re seeing

A quick look at some (early) data on how the pandemic has affected marketing metrics.

WFH #6: Is it okay to just do normal marketing yet?

Is it okay yet to just to do normal marketing and not refer to the crisis? Glad you asked…

WFH #5: If only these walls could talk.

After two weeks of working from home the importance of pointless conversations has become all too clear.

WFH #4: Three principles for marketing in insane times

Marketing in a crisis like covid-19 is a very hard thing to get right.

Here are some principles that feel important for a time like this.

WFH #3: Good service in bad times

In moments like this, good service matters most.

B2B Marketing in COVID-19 times

Should B2B brands market during the crisis? If so how, when and why? If not… what do we do?

WFH#1: The clumsy art of being busy in a god damn pandemic

Some thoughts on advice-giving in the middle of a pandemic.