Insane honesty

Be the idiot.

When it comes to B2B tech marketing, acting stupid has never been so smart. And this is why.

How to tie a bow tie.

If you came here to learn how to tie a bow tie I’ve got bad news, you’re lost. But that’s a pretty good place to be.

B2B and B2C: Two nations divided by a common language

We usually think of B2B and B2C independently, and act like the rules that apply in one couldn’t possibly apply in the other. According to Binet and Field,…

Days when you just don’t wanna.

We all have days when we just don’t want to do… anything. What if they’re actually okay?

Understand why people should NOT buy your products

Maybe we all should stop focusing on the reasons people should buy from us. And start focusing on why they shouldn’t.

Using marketing to deflect time-wasters like me

Marketing isn’t just a magnet. It’s a filter too. And sometimes it’s used to filter out people like… me.

The art of narrowing your offer even if it hurts your soul

Just because your product does lots of things doesn’t mean you should talk about lots of things. Think narrow.

Buzzwords are blankets.

The first time we argued about the term ‘digital transformation’ was three, maybe four years ago.       We were positioning a…