Why you need both Plumbers and Persuaders in B2B marketing

B2B needs both Plumbers AND Persuaders. Are we swinging too far towards martech plumbing?

10. 10. 2017

Why ideal prospects are the only prospects that matter

Focusing 100% of your marketing on ideal prospects is way better than the typical B2B grapeshot. Here’s why.

20. 09. 2017

Meet the family: Encore Digital does B2B programmatic

B2B programmatic advertising is growing fast. Encore Digital Media, our sister agency, understands it and can help you do it right.

21. 08. 2017

Brand over-reach: Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ bottle shapes

The Internet has slammed the latest Dove Real Beauty idea: bottles with different ‘body shapes’. But did they really get it so wrong? Or is branding…

30. 07. 2017

Introducing Velocity String – a new digital content format

Too many content formats are essentially print experiences on a screen. So we developed a new digital-native content format called Velocity String™. Take…

25. 07. 2017

Why revenue is the wrong marketing metric

B2B marketers are always chasing revenue, ‘the mother of all metrics’. Here’s why that’s a mistake — and why it distorts your strategy.

24. 07. 2017

Next 15 acquires Velocity

A few months ago, we decided to find a home for our beloved agency. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve found a wonderful one…

11. 07. 2017

7 or 8 things every content marketer can learn from TED Talks

Like the best public speaking, every piece of content is first a performance. So what can we steal from the best public speakers? Ask the Head of TED.

26. 06. 2017

Velocity opens office in New York

Start spreading the news. After god-knows-how-many years stuck in the leafy-ass end of London, Velocity has finally opened a second office – and…

23. 05. 2017

Why Pepsi’s Jennergate flopped and Heineken’s ‘Worlds Apart’ soared

Two ads just went viral: Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner fiasco and Heineken’s ‘World’s Apart’ experiment. One flopped. One soared. But are they really so different?

05. 05. 2017

Get the hell out of your office and learn something you lazy bum

Surely, you and I have been to enough content marketing conferences. Nuh-uh. We haven’t. Here’s why.

27. 04. 2017

Let’s steal from the Airbnb City Guides

Airbnb are SO good at smart, useful, on-brand content – and their City Guides are a perfect example. Here’s what you can steal from them…

27. 03. 2017