Nicole Black

Group Account Director

Account pro and obsessive note-taker Nicole has the distinction of being the very first hire for the Velocity New York office. She’s an actual American who lives in actual New York!

When it comes to B2B tech, she’s an old hand, having studied Marketing and International Business Development at the University of Delaware, then worked at a range of B2B ad agencies in NYC.

And when she’s not a work, adventure and new experiences are her thing. Whether it’s travelling and exploring new cities, or heading out to concerts, baseball games and museums, Nicole’s up for it.

Though we don’t get to see her in Richmond as much as we’d like, when she does visit it’s impressive how quickly she fits in, especially with ‘British pub culture’. If she can just nail the pronunciation of ‘loo’, ‘jumper’, and ‘queue’ you could hardly tell she was a Yank…

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