Raising money for MNDA, one adventure at a time

You could have found any page on this website. We’re stoked it was this one.

The Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) has a special place in our hearts. Hundreds of people are diagnosed with MND each year. And this amazing charity supports thousands more — including our very own Tim — with everything from equipment to research.

Thing is, virtue signaling isn’t our bag. We care about this cause. A lot. So we’re putting our money where our mouth is. Or bike. Or spatula. Or ancient Roman ruin. Let us explain.

Let the weird and wonderful commence

Q: How can you raise the most money (and most fun) possible for MNDA?
A: Pretty easily, actually. Knock various heads together and ideas start raining out.

This all started on Edinburgh’s snow-swept cobbles. Our first round of fundraising concluded last summer, via the London Triathlon. Until then, we’ve stuffed our diaries with as many sponsorable activities as humanly possible. There’ll be plenty of saddle sores, hangovers, sugar comas and breathtaking rambles along the way. Bring it on.


What are you waiting for?

These events aren’t finite. We’re adding more as we go along, and — as we’ve said — the purpose couldn’t matter more. One person in your average cinema screening will be diagnosed with MND: its impact affects millions more. So get involved.