New ‘Clean Technology’ B2B marketing practice at Velocity

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03. 03. 2009 | 2 min read

New ‘Clean Technology’ B2B marketing practice at Velocity

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Four recent Green Technology projects and wins build expertise

3 March 2009

Velocity Partners, the B2B agency specialising in technology marketing, has announced the creation of a ‘Clean Technology’ practice following some significant client wins over the last few months.

Velocity has gained experience on a range of Green Technology / Clean Technology clients including:

•    Amplex, a Danish provider of smartgrid solutions offering real power saving efficiencies for low voltage  networks, the networks that deliver power into our homes and offices.

•    Medis Technologies, a quoted US provider of the first commercially available portable fuel cell

•    VNL, a Swedish-Indian provider of solar-powered GSM networks optimised for the developing world

•    BrightGreen Technologies, a provider of LED illumination systems that dramatically reduce the energy consumption of backlit advertising and signage.

“The last 12 months have seen a lot of activity in the clean tech sector worldwide and the inauguration of President Obama with his climate change policies is only going to accelerate that,” said Stan Woods, Velocity’s managing director.

“With all the hype and noise about climate change out there, companies offering clean technology solutions need to be able to articulate clearly what they stand for and why customers and stakeholders should care,” he added. “We’ve developed some great experience on how to do that based on our work with some leading clean technology clients. That’s why we’re starting this new practice.”

For further information about how Velocity can help your clean technology business contact us at [email protected].


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