Is the Mobile Web ready for B2B (and vice versa)?

B2B Marketing Magazine just published an article we wrote on what every B2B marketer should be thinking about the mobile web.  These are clearly still early days for the mobile web in B2B markets but it’s exploding in B2C and we can see the shock wave approaching on the horizon.

The article summarises a few points that we’ve learned from the way the consumer markets are using the mobile web (learning gained from our experience doing mobiThinking for dotMobi).  Most importantly, it’s about how you can’t treat the mobile web just like your .com on a small screen. Mobile devices are different from PCs and mobile users want different things than desk-bound users.

Early B2B successes on the mobile web tend to be where business overlaps with the consumer world — media, (like, banking and airline check-in services.  But this is an important new medium that will definitely make an impact on B2B marketing.

If you’re in any markets that depend on timely information, you should be thinking about the mobile now.

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