Birth of a B2B Technology Marketing Agency

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Roger Warner

08. 12. 2007 | 2 min read

Birth of a B2B Technology Marketing Agency

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Velocity brings B2B into “the Interweb era”

Velocity, the London-based technology marketing consultancy, has reinvented itself as “the B2B technology marketing agency for the Interweb era”.

The company announced its new offices, new website, new Client Services Director and new digital marketing practice in one fell swoop today.

The new agency grows out of a successful consultancy specialising in technology marketing, with clients including BT Global Services, Gartner, Portrait Software, Clearswift and a range of early stage technology companies.

“We’re still consulting-led,” says Stan Woods, Velocity Marketing Director, “But we’ve really invested in the digital side of the business – where B2B marketers are lagging behind their consumer colleagues.”

The new agency offers three main services:

Strategic Consulting – engagements focused on positioning, messaging, branding and core stories.

Marketing Acceleration Programs – integrated online and offline campaigns around goals such as thought leadership, lead generation and selling to existing customers.

Digital Engagement – a digital marketing practice that brings together search marketing, email campaigns, online PR, blogging, social media, affiliate programs, web analytics and video screencasting.

“We’re stealing the digital pages form the consumer marketing playbook,” says Roger Warner, Velocity’s new Client Services Director, “But we’re re-engineering tactics to make them more relevant and effective in a B2B context.”

Warner, formerly of IBM and Airbus Industries, joined Velocity in September from open source content management player, Squiz, where he gained deep digital marketing experience.

“It’s an exciting time for us,” said Warner, “We feel we’ve hit a sweet spot in B2B marketing and have a powerful combination of strengths to bring to market.”

The agency recently published a new white paper called The Holy Trinity of Tech Marketing: three questions that earn the right to sell available to download from their website.

It also publishes a new blog on B2B and technology marketing, available at

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