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Introducing… Velocity 3.0

We don’t expect you to care about our new site as much as we do — but the reasons behind it all are super-relevant to every B2B marketer.

How to write an anonymous business case study that doesn’t suck

Why the pursuit of public references shouldn’t bury your best stories.

The antidote to uncertainty

You’re nursing frozen budgets and interrupted plans. That doesn’t mean it’s time to stand still.

Fortnite just pulled off an incredible marketing scam

How do you turn downtime into a global event?

Let’s steal from… Seventeenth Century Explorers

Something weird happened to communications in Early Modern England.

Why SaaS providers need to get braver about proprietary data

Most SaaS providers are missing a huge opportunity to create unique, authoritative, insightful marketing using their proprietary data – here’s why they…