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Eight strategic story arcs that shape almost every B2B narrative.

Discover ideas about writing a B2B brand story. Writing a B2B narrative? Here are 8 common B2B story arcs that might help you.

Want to be a better marketer? Do nothing.

Why twiddling your thumbs needs to be higher up your to-do list…

10 (or so) principles of writing at Velocity

We’re in the lucky position where the Velocity writing team is growing like crazy – we’ve made three new hires over the last couple of weeks…

Ten ways to sell a great idea

See 10 ways to package up your content marketing ideas so you can maximise your chances of stakeholder buy-in.

Five transitional writing tips from a marketing novice

A couple of weeks ago, a young guy named James Coyle came to Velocity towers to get some work experience. As it turns out, James is one hell of a writer.…

10. 09. 2018

Three reasons your writing still sounds like marketing

Writers who sound like marketers don’t get very far in the world of B2B content. Here’s why – and what to do if you’re one of them.

16. 07. 2018