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Webflow is making us better digital designers

We’d like to tell you about a tool that we (the Design team at Velocity) have recently started experimenting with to create web content.  Actually,…

The Great Shift: a new marketing mindset for a new era

The biggest change in B2B marketing is invisible: it’s a new marketing mindset that comes from two entirely new forces. And it changes everything.

B2B ecosystem marketing: three app marketplace plays

The marketplaces of the big B2B platforms have become major sources of revenue. Maybe it’s time we took them seriously as a channel…

Why the customer is always right…but some are better than others

Looking for a competitive edge in the B2B world? It’s time to think differently about what your customers bring to the table. Here’s why.

Why B2B folks need to learn about Web 3.0 now

Web3, crypto, blockchain, NFTs and decentralization are changing the world. No really. Get learning.

Why every marketing strategy should be a Learning Strategy

Every B2B marketing strategy should be a Learning Strategy. But most are actually based on a false sense of certainty. Let’s fix that.

Why marketing still needs soul: Jason Miller on punk over predictability

Jason Miller on Punk over Predictability

Why you should kill more content

Marketers are supposed to finish the content they start, right? Maybe not. In fact, almost definitely not.

Three ‘Why’ questions you need to answer fast and well

Too many B2B marketing teams fail to answer these three questions. You can fix that.

Meaning, metrics and mojo: the 3 keys to B2B marketing today

If we had to boil down the big challenges for any B2B marketer—to 3 words all starting with M—this would be that.

On Velocity’s Culture: airing out something that maybe we shouldn’t

If there’s anything worse than a company’s Statement of Values, it’s a marketing agency’s Statement of Values. So this is one that isn’t really one at…

Want to feel good about working in marketing in 2020? Get real.

Being in the optimism business in 2020 feels really weird.

Maybe the answer is to change the way we think about optimism.