Striking the right tone

When simplification goes wrong: Why unifying your platform and point solutions makes it harder for customers to buy.

So let’s say, hypothetically of course, that it’s late 2023, your revenue is down and there’s mounting pressure on you to increase sales. Just,…

Killed by the buzz: Why we’re losing words to the buzz effect (and what to do about it)

Here’s a question for you: What do buzzwords and That One Guy You Hate™ have in common? You guessed it. They both sneak into every conversation and…

How to stop teaching granny to suck eggs

We’re non-experts marketing to experts – that can be a nail-biting thing. Here are a few ways to help teach experts without boring the pants off them.

Why we’re so inspired by the MNDA mission statement

We’ve read a lot of Mission Statements. Most suck. This one is pretty great.

WFH #9: The Adjective of the Pandemic

What does it say about B2B marketers that we cluster around the same phrases to express this big, hairy thing?

WFH#1: The clumsy art of being busy in a god damn pandemic

Some thoughts on advice-giving in the middle of a pandemic.

The question you’re least likely to ask

Marketing has conventions – loads of them. So what’s the thing you’re so familiar with that it just doesn’t register anymore? And how the heck are you…

You don’t own your story

Too many marketers fall into the trap of thinking that because they’re telling the story, they get to decide how people think about them.

What are you actually saying?

Why does so much B2B content sound totally unlike human speech?

Let’s steal from The Simpsons

The golden years of The Simpsons entirely re-wrote what a TV show could be. In the latest of our ‘Let’s Steal From’ series, we dig into how they do…

Beyond tone of voice: what’s your stance?

Tone of voice is hugely important in B2B. But there’s something just as important and far less understood: stance. What your brand actually does that’s…