Stakeholder management

10 (or so) principles of writing at Velocity

We’re in the lucky position where the Velocity writing team is growing like crazy – we’ve made three new hires over the last couple of weeks…

Authority always wins

You don’t want to be known for service. You want to be known for authority.

It isn’t going to be okay.

The best advice I ever got is also the simplest.

6 free but difficult things that’ll make your marketing better

The moves that’ll make your marketing great won’t cost you a dime. They’re just difficult.

Embracing ambiguity: creative confidence in disguise

This started out as an apology. I wanted to say sorry to the many clients and colleagues I’ve annoyed over the years because of my indecisiveness. I…

Ten ways to sell a great idea

See 10 ways to package up your content marketing ideas so you can maximise your chances of stakeholder buy-in.