Brand building

Content as community

Social media is rented land, and marketers need to stop building on it.

The new B2B marketing manifesto

Find out what’s changed since we released our first manifesto 14 years ago, why brand is a forgotten superpower — and what to do now.

What Gong’s Chief Evangelist thinks the new B2B marketing playbook should look like

What Gong’s Chief Evangelist, Udi Ledergor, thinks about the new B2B marketing playbook, the real goal of content marketing and the 95-5 rule.

The new B2B GTM playbook: an interview with Jon Miller, one of the architects of the old one

Want to have a meaningful discussion about a new B2B go-to-market (GTM) playbook? You need Jon. We sat down with him to hear his thoughts on GTM’s next…

Performance branding: Why strategy and data must work together to drive pipeline

With B2B growth faltering, sugar rush leads & sales activation campaigns don’t deliver. See the importance of performant brand building under a central…

The universal digital marketing audit

Digital marketing is changing. To keep up, you need to audit what you’re already doing and use the findings to build your strategy for moving forward.

Marketing your business model: the killer differentiator

Some of the highest-impact disruptors in the last few decades haven’t really been technology innovations. They’ve been business model…

Google Analytics 4 for B2Bers: More powerful. More usable. More analyticky.

Google Analytics 4 replaces Universal Analytics by July 1, 2023. Learn how it solves historical problems, why it changes on-page and offline activity…

The Great Shift: a new marketing mindset for a new era

The biggest change in B2B marketing is invisible: it’s a new marketing mindset that comes from two entirely new forces. And it changes everything.

Ecosystem Marketing part 2: A conversation with Scott Brinker

No one knows more about B2B app marketplace marketing than Scott Brinker. So we interviewed him about it.

B2B ecosystem marketing: three app marketplace plays

The marketplaces of the big B2B platforms have become major sources of revenue. Maybe it’s time we took them seriously as a channel…

15 Web 3.0 ideas for B2B marketers

Get your Web 3.0 thinking caps on, beeple. It’s time to innovate.