Kimberly-Clark Professional

This is one of the best-integrated content programs we’ve ever worked on. The very heart of it is the Waste & Hazard Walks that KCP designed so their salespeople could get into manufacturing plants and prove the value they could deliver.

Content gets industrial

With that content at its heart, the entire program – targeting three disciplines across four industries – all links up to drive revenue.

Finding the sweet spot

Manufacturers want to be lean. KCP understands how the right industrial supplies and safety kit contributes to lean initiatives. A sweet spot is born: Lean Supplies.

Getting granular

Surface prep and painting in aerospace is a super-specific topic – but it’s hugely important to manufacturers. This video celebrates the people who do it:

Get scrolling

A companion scrolling site lets the viewer set the pace:

Hardworking content

Healthy hands. Food safety. Automotive paint shop. KCP content is all about helping prospects and customers create the Healthy and Efficient Workplace.

A Content Center of Excellence

Ceejay Ayling is evangelising content marketing across KCP with a series of in-depth guides for all marketing teams. We like that idea.