PathFactory renaming, rebranding and repositioning

PathFactory used to be called LookBookHQ. But, thanks to pretty amazing product and strategy work, they out-grew that name—and their story. Enter Velocity…


We started with a positioning brief: to capture this big new thing they do (content insight and activation) and make it compelling for performance-driven B2B marketers.

The new story led to a new company name (we expose the whole process in the blog series, Renaming a B2B Brand) and a new brand identity to take it all to market.

The new identity

PathFactory makes it easy to create content tracks that lead prospects along a journey. It’s low-friction, on-demand marketing. The colourful P-path suggests this ‘connect-the-dots’ aspect of the brand.

And the colourful blocks are all about new combinations and permutations of content that make up buyer journeys.

Animating the logo

When Jim presented the new logo, he talked about how much fun it would be to animate, using vocal sound effects to make it come to life.

We knew we had to use his voice for the low-tech soundtrack on this animation.

Re-naming the company

After some up-front stakeholder alignment work (which we documented here), we started generating a long list of possible names.

We then presented thirteen of them, starting with a spoof name, Aviatatata (long story). Thank God they didn’t pick it (that extra ‘ta’ helped).



We love creating brand guideline docs—where design geekery meets the love of systems, order and precision.

The goal: make it easy for anyone to understand the identity and put it to work in exciting new ways.

The content

PathFactory is a company built on content. So every piece they make is a demonstration of what content can be.

We started with a chunky e-book to capture their whole new story in one place.

Launch video

The launch video gives the PathFactory story in 75 seconds, with no voice-over—just gorgeous CGI animation (by Seb Baptista) and groovy music.

When shapes become characters

We love how these little guys actually seem to be trying to get somewhere. That’s what makes us root for them.

Onward and upward

The PathFactory marketing team is amazing. Smart, funny, experienced marketers who are all on the same page (we interviewed Elle Woulfe about that here).

Now we’re working with them on new kinds of digital content we can’t really talk about yet. Watch this space.