B2B eBooks, Slideshares & Prezis

‘Snackable’ stuff is fine as far as it goes (generally not very far). But the heart of any B2B content program is likely to be the chunky pieces.

The eBooks that capture a ‘why you should care about X’ argument. The slideshare rants that make an impassioned plea for change. The cool Prezi that swoops you through a story, click by click.

Great B2B content grabs you by the earlobes and doesn’t let go till it’s had its wicked way with you. Here are some we prepared earlier:

Here's to your road heroes

Content about mobile workforce management tends to write about mobile workers as units of production. This piece talks about them as people – the people who actually take your business to your customers.

Stop Buying Tech

Content should surprise people. A mobile operator telling people to ‘stop buying tech’ is kind of… unexpected.

The Future of Work

Work is changing fast. It’s important that Sprint Business has a view on that. But if it’s going to earn attention (and reward it), it can’t be the usual twaddle.

A Tale of Two Workers

Managing people and assets is hard enough when everything stays still. But when they move around, the problem gets way more complex.

This prezi for Sprint tell the story of two workers: one managed using mobile workforce management and one… not.

We pushed the boundaries of Prezi a bit here, with animations and video and stuff… See what you think.

Product Information Malpractice

A slideshare rant from Informatica attacking one of the biggest obstacles to success for ecommerce companies.

The Big Big Data Workbook

A hardworking, deep dive into how to make Big Data projects a success. With exercises and stuff to fill out and other stuff to actually act on.

Three ways that silicone is killing your quality ebook

Silicone contamination can cost an automotive manufacturer as much as £6,300 per minute in assembly line disruption, which means the engineers take identifying contaminant risks as seriously as possible. This direct mail kit for Kimberly-Clark Professional included a guide, prevention checklist series and podcast to ensure engineers could identify risks at all stages of their process.

Keeping an eye on helping hand health ebook

Hygiene and safety are the cornerstones of the food processing industry, and it all starts with the worker’s hands. From preventative measures to the grim realities of getting it wrong, creating a mini-guide series for Kimberly-Clark Professional allowed us to explore the many components of hand health & safety.

Why job references are worthless

SkillSurvey needs to get managers to think differently about hiring. You don’t do that by pussy-footing around.