Rutger Frissen

Account Director

A global citizen, Rutger came to London and joined Velocity as an account manager having lived in seven different cities across four different countries.

Most recently he’s spent three years living in Australia where he graduated from the University of Sydney with a Masters in Digital Communications and then started working in an agency specializing in B2B tech. So moving here was just more of the same, but with better weather.

He’s a tech evangelist and believes that the right tech used by the right people has the power to change the world. (He’s a big fan of Elon Musk. Shocker.)

Originally from the Netherlands, he’s slightly embarrassed he’s never been able to shake his “strong” Dutch accent. (It’s barely perceptible). Fortunately, at the mongrel-polyglot-multicultural free-for-all that is Velocity, he fits right in.

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