Nico Antwerp Cagnini

Motion Designer

Now the thing Nico really, really wants you to know is that he never forgets to water the plants. (Let’s just say we weren’t expecting plant hydration when we asked him for something to shout about.)

But that’s our Nico—the most unpretentious motion designer you could hope to meet in the Netherlands (his favourite country), Genoa (where he was born), or indeed the ocean, which he says he visits—you know, like a person. (It’s not just Nico’s plants that get plenty of TLC.)

Nico claims to love B2B because it’s mind-blowing—which tells you all you need to know about his work. When he’s not exploding with B2B awesomeness, Nico cozies up with the Moomins, cats and a good read. And plants. Let’s not forget the plants.

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