George Smith

Senior Copywriter

George (aka. ‘George II’, ‘New George’, ‘Better George’) is a Velocity writer and – you guessed it – our second George.

After studying Classics, travelling the US (“to escape becoming a real boy”) and failing to become a rock star, he came to London where he got into the business of writing for business.

Before Velocity, he had spells at The Writer as a business language consultant, and at a branding agency where he specialised in tone of voice and the tricky business of naming things. (He named the telecoms standard 5G, ‘5G’, and assures us that’s much more impressive than it sounds.)

In his spare time, he’s the complete hipster cliché. He plays bass, drinks craft beer, goes to pop-up restaurants, writes mobile games and wears copious amounts of faux vintage tat. He’s, in other words, a perfect fit at Velocity.

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