Duncan Begg

Senior Copywriter

Duncan is a die-hard writer and ex-journo with some qualms about having worked at The Great Right-Wing Tabloids of Britain. We don’t mind. It’s taught him to use his words wisely and write a killer headline. (Here’s how – short version:

1. Think base instincts

2. Crank up the wit

3. Mooooood.

For the long version, check out D’s blog post).

At some point while sub-editing stories about teenage nudists and amorous police officers, he realised the newspaper business was going to go the way of the Titanic. And so he sidestepped into marketing, got himself an MA in branding, and a job as head of content at Octopus. And on to us.

When he’s not writing, Duncan does a lot of Ashtanga yoga to get over the sad fact that he’s too old to play football. Or so he claims.

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