Claire Grantham

Senior Project Manager

Claire’s a Civil and Structural Engineer by training, but we’re happy she ditched that career choice and started working in advertising instead. She’s been project managing in the industry for an impressive 27 years – and only took a little break from it to move to NYC and be Head of Implementation at a software company before joining us and becoming our US office, in 2015.

Things to know about Claire:

  • Is a panic-less project pro
  • Lives in sunny Tampa, FL (which those of those of us living in somewhat-less-sunny New York and London are absolutely never envious of, no siree bob…)
  • Is obsessed with crafting and cardmaking. (And has her own craft zimmer.) Check out her stuff at
  • Is a total potato addict. Would choose potatoes over husband
  • Die-hard Tottenham Hotspur fan

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