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An Agile Approach to Digital Marketing

How many times have marketing projects stranded, or launched late (and lame) because life intervened after the project’s execution? Many marketing projects would benefit from a concept borrowed from web development: Agile project management.

I ♥ Jellyvision

Interactive user design on a site has to be something more than click-through. Here’s how smoove user experiences a

LinkedIn Maps: your network visualised

We’re big infographics fans so when LinkedIn launched their new LinkedIn Maps tool, we were first in the virtual queue to have a play. The tool generates a colourful, dynamic map showing all your connections…

EPiServer uses market momentum to go public

We just learned that our client EPiserver is preparing to go public on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. The company offers the best Micorosft .Net CMS on the planet and has delivered some really impressive numbers over the last few years.

IBS injects Velocity into turnaround

When we met them in 2009, IBS, the specialist ERP vendor, was in turnaround. They’d just finished a major restructuring to focus the entire global business on one sector, wholesale distribution, and asked Velocity to clarify their positioning, develop a new story and take it to market.

Psion Teklogix Takes Digital Upgrade With Velocity

Psion Teklogix has launched it’s new market vision and a new website to give customers an enriched digital experience. The new site is the latest phase of a six-month positioning and communication project.

ShipServ.com Goes Live: a B2B Before and After

We’re proud to say that shipserv.com launched successfuly this morning. May all who sail in her find reasonably priced shipping supplies from a broad (and competitive) selection of maritime vendors….

Why Web Usability Matters

You know the scene. You or your boss thought it’d be great idea to build a new web site and it’s the first planning meeting. Across the table someone shouts: ‘No! It’s gotta feel sharp!’

Yugo now

Yugo Nakamura does some of the best things on the web. Check out his yugop.com. Full of fantastic, interactive, imaginative explorations of the web medium. A favourite: Clockblock. Worth a visit. Promise.