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Why ShipServ won a 2009 CRM Market Award

Once again, ShipServ has ‘scooped’ a marketing award (why are awards always scooped?) — this time the 2009 CRM Market Awards run by CRM Magazine. ShipServ, piloted by CMO John Watton, won a CRM Elite Award given to customer implementations that push new boundaries. The judges recognised ShipServ “for its holistic use of Marketo, Salesforce.com, and social media” — including viral video, eBooks, Twitter and a LinkedIn group (we’re kind of proud of our work on all these).

Simple Steps To A User Focused Site

We never tire of building websites. The sheer pace of technology change means no two sites are the same. But the same old battles are usually just round the corner.

Papa’s got a brand new bag, maaan.

A bravo for emusic, one of the best music download sites out there, and some thoughts on building relevant communities in B2B. ‘Build it and expect them to come’ doesn’t work in the wild world of social networking.