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B2B marketing automation

Whip your content into shape and automate.

Our B2B marketing automation team helps you achieve quick wins and pretty big performance improvements when it comes to marketing automation.

If your data is in bad shape and your automation tools aren’t set up properly (or aren’t communicating with each other), it’s hard to remember why you got so excited in the first place. Let’s bring the excitement back.

Automation focus

We help you unlock marketing automation treasures with:

  • Marketing tech assessments
  • Set up, campaign architecting and management
  • Clean CRM integrations for joined-up, meaningful data
  • Deep revenue reporting

When all these pieces are in place, you’ll be able to measure (and optimize) your content deployment and your overall demand gen.


Want to dig a little deeper into the specific services in this Pack? Download the individual PDFs below:

Case studies


We set up OpenMarket’s Marketo system as an end-to-end content marketing machine. Nine months later we reported:

  • Marketing influence on pipeline went from ‘unknown’ to 60%
  • Average deal size up by 31%
  • New MQLs up by 350%
  • Marketing attribution at 10% of all revenue and growing as we catch up on sales cycles.

Volkswagen Financial Services | Fleet

We implemented a custom scoring model and aligned their CRM and MA tools. From a standing start we helped drive

  • First flow of MQLs
  • Regular stream of commercial appointments
  • Sales and marketing collaboration for ABM

If your reports aren’t showing a flow of business outcomes then it’s time to take action.

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We have Marketo and Pardot certification and work with experts across the marketing automation ecosystem.

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