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B2B content promotion

If a PDF falls in the forest…

Your content is intelligent, insightful, helpful, entertaining… It instantly makes prospects dive head-first into your funnel. The problem is, it’s worthless if no one actually sees it.

B2B content promotion is all about getting your content discovered by the right eyeballs at the right time. And measuring the impact. We think it’s more than important, it’s revenue-critical.

Promotion focus

We’ve got a systematic approach (and a few different tricks up our sleeve) for getting your content out there:

  • Basics – making sure optimisation, cross promotion and tagging is standard
  • Paid – driving results from social, PPC and syndication
  • Organic – optimising organic search, influencers and anything else that moves


Want to dig a little deeper into how we do content promotion? Download the individual PDFs below:

Case studies


Netafim wanted 50 meetings at a 3-day conference ten weeks away. Using a range of paid and organic social media, we:

  • Exceeded the target with 74 meetings
  • Beat industry click through rates by 100%
  • Came in well under budget


Effective optimisation is a long game. We launched our own ‘B2B Content Marketing Strategy Checklist’ on the back of an all-out Asset Optimization plan. Today it’s still coming together to deliver:

  • 334 monthly organic visits
  • 42 downloads per month
  • 45% conversion rate

It’s one thing to set KPIs. It’s another knock them out the park. Let’s finish the job.

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