You may have gone big on marketing automation recently. But you won’t be alone if you haven’t yet seen the ROI you expected.

Our Measure process re-engineers your marketing automation and analytics so you can track all of your content programs and all of your prospects (known and anonymous) as they march through your carefully-designed purchase journey.

We regularly review the reports that we set up in the Engage stage, looking for ways to improve performance, unblock clogged nurture flows and accelerate revenue generation.

Together, we’ll set up your marketing automation software to work as a hub, sucking in leads and spitting out money. We go through four simple steps.

And we’ll meet every month for a Topline Review and every quarter for a more extensive Program Review to keep things on track and improving.

You’ll get a long-term reporting framework that shows the power of your marketing channels, content-driven automation and return on investment.

Let the bastards try to cut your budget now…

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I’d like to measure better.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.

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