Velocity’s B2B content marketing research trip to Paris

To stay at the cutting edge of B2B content marketing you can’t just sit in your office. So Velocity decided to get out of London and discover how B2B content marketing works for B2B content marketing agencies over in Paris, the French capital of B2B content marketing. This B2B content marketing blog post is a summary of our findings mixed with a brazen example of hammering the living daylights out of the keyphrase ‘B2B Content Marketing’. Here goes:

We hopped on the Eurostar at an ungodly hour for B2B content marketers:

B2B content marketing love train.

On the way, we entertained each other by singing B2B content marketing songs (“Lonely days are gone/I’m a -comin’ home/My baby, she wrote me an eBook”).

Then Neil started telling B2B content marketing jokes.

Neil and his niche fan base.

But B2B content marketing jokes aren’t exactly suited to all audiences…

Ryan is a B2B content marketing ninja

Unfortunately, by the time we arrived in Paris, we had forgotten that we had come in search of B2B content marketing insights. So we just had a massive lunch at La Fontaine de Mars (Cassoulet to kill for) (no, literally: there must have been eight species in that bubbling, bean-studded ooze)…

Velocity B2B content Marketing lunch venue

The Last B2B Content Marketing Supper
Jim The Second

It was time to walk off that lunch and seize a B2B content marketing photo opp.

B2B content marketers

Followed by a boat tour on the Seine…

Jim mugs Simi

Past Notre Dame

And ended up back in one of the many B2B content marketing bars that line the Paris side streets…

Stan gets them in.

Followed by a brilliant, sunny next day.

Les Bollocks du B2B

Including a bit of shopping:

Le Bon B2B Content Marche

And the train back to the real capital of B2B content marketing: London.

Halina and Wendy

In short: a B2B content marketing good time was had by all.

Merry Christmas.

See you in the new year.


At last! An agency that is prepared to reveal “Les Bollocks du B2B” to the general public when so many others reserve it only for their clients! Three cheers to the UK’s most anatomically correct B2B marketing agency!

Suddenly other Xmas celebrations seem very humdrum.

Bob – Take away Les Bollocks and is there anything left?

Kevin – It was a very good year. Next Christmas might be the Wimpy Bar in Brentford.

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