Velocity December Newsletter: Tech-speak, feature-talk or benefit babble?

We see this one all the time. A tech company that’s great at describing its technology but not so great at making the story compelling to prospects. Or a company that waves a big, bold benefit flag – that nobody pays any attention to.When we see marketing problems like these, we reach for one of our favourite powerpoint slides: the Velocity Hierarchy of Benefits.

And since clients never fail to throw flowers at our feet when we’re done explaining it, we thought we’d turn it into a new Velocity Paper free to the first thousand people to download it (and the next thousand too).

The paper identifies one of the most important phenomena in B2B marketing: the inverse relationship between credibility and perceived value… but we’ll let you discover that for yourself.

If you read nothing else today, read this new paper and put its ideas into practice by lunchtime.

Other things that might change your life…

Our Marketing Through the Hype Cycle paper

We mentioned this in the last newsletter, but Gartner has since picked up on it and, instead of suing our asses, they’ve recommended it in their blog. So now you really should download and read it.

The only B2B Marketing Blog you’ll ever need

Well, ‘need’ may be a bit strong, but more and more B2B marketers are finding it a useful challenge to conventional wisdom. Recent posts include:

B2B Web Marketing Tools Around Town
Roger’s excellent blog post
that brings together all the online apps and widgets we use to pimp our clients’ SEO, pay-per-click campaigns and content marketing.

The importance of naming things
A quick post
on why we like words with TM after them, like BosweloxTM, PentapeptidesTM or NutrilliumTM.

Microsoft’s baffling “I’m a PC” campaign
And why we think it’s a really, really embarrassing mistake.

Good Reasons to do Social Networking in B2B
Are you using social networks yet? If you’re in doubt, think ‘micro-facilitation’ and ‘macro-facilitation’.

The Power of Mobile Marketing
Marketing to mobile phones is taking off in a big way. We think it’ll be bigger than the desktop web. We’re also doing our bit to make that prediction come true by creating our blog to stay on top of it.


The Velocity family grows

B2B marketing heavyweight Neil Stoneman has joined us from his role as thought leadership supremo at BT Global Services. Need to lead some thoughts? Drop Neil a line.

We’ve also lured in a recent design graduate named Lee Hosford who’s working directly with Stuart Rothwell, our Senior Designer. Lee has oodles of talent and scads of enthusiasm. We like oodles and scads.

The Velocity client list grows

We couldn’t hire all these talented people if clients didn’t keep coming back for more. We’re excited about new projects for dotMobi, ipaccess, Econsultancy and ShipServ and thrilled to welcome some great new clients including:

Psion Teklogix – makers of rugged PDAs and mobile computers that make mobile workers more productive (and happy).

Secerno – the gurus of Active Database Control – an intelligent security perimeter around any database (very cool technology).

Plus a sexy annual report for Portrait Software, done together with RMA.

Thanks for reading. Until next time…


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