The B2B Content Marketing Tutorial

A quick guide for marketers

If you’ve read the B2B Marketing Manifesto or the Content Marketing Workbook, you’re already hip to the power of B2B content marketing.

But you need a bit of practical help on the process side of content marketing – and you’re big and ugly enough to admit it. So here’s the first in our series on  ‘The Six Staples of B2B Marketing’, covering the seven (it’s a long story) essential weapons for every B2B marketing arsenal.

Number one is The B2B Content Marketing Tutorial: a short, interactive guide built in Prezi for your browsing pleasure.

(Hint: view it in Full Screen Mode — it’s much better that way.)

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Bravo, Velocity! Time and again, the fellows over in the UK manage to distill the most complex topic down to its essence. In this case, they wrap the critical aspects of content marketing in a yummy, bite-sized morsel. Don’t delay — get your fix now!

Doug and crew, this I love : ) Shall pass it around here… the guys will love it. Simples.

Social media & content marketing are hot topics at the moment & in the gold rush marketers are losing their focus as they “just do it”. But what marketing is crying out for is structured thinking (aka the boring stuff) to harness this creativity & innovation. This is a great example of the art in practice. We need more of this!

Now, if only I could get this as a wall poster 🙂


Pithy and pointed, as always. Well done Doug and Stan. Velocity is the little jewel down in Richmond…

As I evangelize the importance of content marketing to global agribusiness marketers I consistently turn to Velocity for inspiration and examples of how it all works. A sincere thank you for being the finger in the wind for all content marketers.

You make it so simple to stay focused ! As always,very inspiring,and with prezi power added very engaging in format.
Look forward to more, as always.

I thought the Velocity B2B content marketing workbook was a work of art and it certainly had an impact on my view of content marketing. I think you’ve done it again with Prezi. I reckon you could re-purpose this as an infographic and it would go viral.
Keep up the great work, it’s inspiring.


Andy Walker

Content was well considered. Use of Prezi wasn’t. Seemed like you approached it with a PowerPoint mindset, and just moved from slide to slide around the pasteboard. When Prezi works best it plays with scale, hopefully avoiding the feeling of carsickness from a surfeit of Swoopiness (technical term).

Well you did ask 😉

Your email asked about Prezi twisting. I am the wrong one to answer as I LOVE roller coasters. I just finished a Prezi for a client and have re-purposed it several ways to good effect. The toughest part of Prezi as a medium is tightly integrating abstract concepts into concrete visual metaphors that spur learning beyond textual presentation and move people to act.

Keep using the medium!

I have to say I agree with Tim B. Content of the Prezi was good, but the “slides” format required too much swooping and dizziness. I love roller coasters too but not when I’m trying to digest important information. Prezi is a wonderfully useful medium; take advantage of the zoom in, and in, and in some more. I find this lessens the swooping, dizzying effect.

All great comments. We’re still on the steep part of the learning curve when it comes to Prezi. The first one I tried on my own made me really seasick:

So we wanted to constrain this one to a plane. But it’s true, the zooming in and out is a really nice Prezi effect. The trick may be to limit the rotations. The first one I did rotated over more than 180 degrees a few times and you really do feel ill.

It’s funny: in PowerPoint I never use transitions or animations. But transitions are central to the Prezi ethos. The jury’s still out on whether these distract from or enhance the message.

We also tried some simple case studies in Prezi, written and created by Lucy, a junior copywriter. Here’s one:

I’d love to see what anyone is doing with Prezi, so if you’ve done one or seen a good one, do post it here.

The Prezi is good… (for some audiences). Helps move the narrative along in a lively, non-corporate fashion. Good basic info for people interested in beginning a tight content service concept.

Thanks for sharing!

I really love both the content and format of this – no dizziness here! Doing quite a lot of work on content strategy at the moment and finding your site to be a resource I come back to time and again.


Well done. One of the (many) admirable characteristics of work that I have seen from Velocity Partners (ebooks and workbooks in particular) is the ability to make an impact with few words. This tutorial piece reminds all of us to simplify what we do and to create the best and most applicable content while following a process. The reminders for me that fit what we do every day are: research is where the real value is (as well as finding how that research fits into client work and strategy), to rewrite and not be shy about it, and to pre-release to key influencers.

Thank you for creating and sharing.

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