Salesforce Social Success case study

Kieran Flanagan has written an excellent summary on SEOmoz of the Salesforce Social Success content microsite.

He tells this B2B content marketing case story so well, I won’t try to re-tell it here.  Just wanted to share my favourite graphic from it:

search meets socia meets content

Says it all — the sweet spot for all B2B marketing is where content, search and social overlap. And that’s why the Social Success site is getting so much traction.

Kieran’s post covers things like Personas, Themes, Topics, Process, Resources and Metrics — plus the different content types developed and the ways Salesforce promoted them.

Do read this excellent summary of this project — we’ve loved being a part of it (lots more to come) and Kieran was great to share it so openly.

(Oh and we blogged about it here too, in this B2B content marketing case story blog post.)


And Social Success has just been translated for the Japanese market!

And Germany too!

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