Content Marketing: Stepping Into the Future! [A video]

Modern content marketing is a highly-automated, fully-instrumented discipline, guided by software and analytics and dials and numbers and stuff.

That’s why our own Content Operations practice is the fastest-growing part of the business.

It’s easy to forget that someone had to invent all this. Here, told for the first time, is the story of the birth of content performance science:

Inspiring, right?

Well, then it’s time to drag your own creaky, leaky operation into the Age of the Automobile. With stuff like:

B2B Content Marketing Benchmarking – a way to figure out exactly where you are today and pick the metrics that will guide you to the light.

B2B Performance Marketing – a fast-track way to set up your analytics, nurture flows and lead scoring so you can start tracking the wonga.

B2B Content Marketing Measurement – with a shiny digital dashboard that guides your revenue machine to The Land of Ka-Ching.

B2B Content Marketing Optimization – where the Spin Cycle™ comes around to improve your content programs and promotion.

Bottom line: the days of ‘throw it at the wall and see what happens’ ended last November.

The only question: Are YOU ready to… Step Into the Future?

(If so, Neil is your man and Agustin is his man and Lauren is their partner in crime — but she’s so new, she doesn’t have a profile yet.).

These guys love talking about content marketing performance (which is why they’re always so popular down at the pub). Contact them at your peril.

About the film

‘Content Marketing: Stepping Into The Future’ was researched, written, edited and even voiced by my brother Jason Kessler.  All I had to do was tell him what the hell we do for a living. If you throw money at him, I’ll bet he’d make a funny archive-based video for you too.


nice art

Really inspiring! This kind of video makes you start wondering more and more about the future.

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